About Us

CM Industries Ltd was established in 1993 by Carl Mehring, a qualified toolmaker from New Plymouth, Taranaki New Zealand. Initially offering tool making, precision engineering, machining and welding, but soon moved into manufacturing of metal and plastic components.  CM Industries Ltd strives always to produce products which exceed their customer’s requirements.

Extensive experience gives our clients the confidence to proceed with complex projects without the hassles and delays so often experienced in today’s manufacturing environment.  We enjoy development of new products as this means that we can make product design  changes which will result in component improvement, component count reduction and overall cost reduction resulting in improved sales.  CM Industries Ltd will make the effort required to ascertain your requirements before proceeding.  We don’t need elaborately drawn plans. In fact we have found that clients are often reluctant to make design changes after considerable and costly design/drawings have been produced, often resulting in unnecessary tooling up and product cost.  Something which cannot be afforded in today’s competitive environment.  We believe that designers should make CM Industries Ltd their first port of call.  

Plastic Components

Plastic Injection Molding is a precision high speed manufacturing process. Most components we produce this way require no further processes, other than assembly. Components can be made to the colour of your choice. A wide variety of thermo plastic materials are available depending on product requirements ie: strength, durability, UV exposure and many other factors. A precision mold must be made for every new component but a good mold in the hands of a careful molder can produce as many as 1,000,000 components. small  component can be as low as 5 cents on large runs small items,while Larger items rarely more than a few Dollars. 

Metal Components

CM Industries produces a variety of components in stainless steel, aluminium, brass and mild steel.  We use a variety of processes including metal stamping and pressing, , sawing, CNC drilling, tapping & milling, and a variety of finishing, welding and assembly methods.  We keep outstanding quality control by continuous monitoring and improvement of our manufacturing systems and machinery.



Our friendly and experienced staff is always eager to helping you,Please give us a call.