Effluent Filter, Septic Tank Filter

 Manufactured since 2007 and proven in the field.

Designed to fit inside a vertical 100mm PVC pipe (with 4x 25mm holes at tank mid range)and a cap at the base (drilled 4x 25mm). Effluent will flow through the outer screen, up through the centre holes and out through a  tee junction at the top of your tank.

The filter can be lifted out for inspection and cleaning.

The modular filter element design will allow different lengths to be made.

Screen sizes available:  3x12mm slots

                                   1x3mm slots

Standard configurations available:

         Filter lengths = 960mm or 576mm

     Handle lengths = 460mm or to suit

         Centre tube is 15mm N.B PVC 

Now with purpose built cross handle available with lugs to retain unit where no internal pipe and cap is used. Easily extended.